FAQ on Bad Backlink Monitoring and Removal Process

1. What type of service do you offer?

We offer services to monitor your back link profile and list out all the bad and unnatural links to your site. We also help you to remove these links and maintain a better link profile.

2. How does it work?

We analyze and audit your back links using Google Web Master Tools and track all bad links causing rank dropdown. We then send email to the link ownRobe de Soirée ers requesting removal of links to your site. If they don’t respond within 15 days we send detailed reconsideration request to Google to disavow bad links.

3. Why should I remove links from my website?

Google is now looking only for quality links from a quality website. If your links are from scrap sites or if it doesn’t add any value then your site may suffer penalty. So you should remove bad links from your website.

4. How long will it take for my site to recover completely from bad links?

It depends on the website and the number of back links it has got. It takes time to complete the process if there are so many unnatural links. It may take weeks or longer to make your website free from spammy links.

5. Why is back link important?

Back links help to improve SEO rankings and gain exposure and traffic to your site. Back links from relevant and reputed websites will add advantage to your page ranking.

6. How do you gain through our services?

Our services are time saving; we help in fixing Google warnings, regaining Google rank and increases revenue.

7. How is back link monitoring important?

Monitoring backlinks from timeRobe de bal verte to time is important because sites are not static always. Some pages linking to your site might have been changed or removed or your competitors might have obtained backlinks to your sites from irrelevant sites which may affect the reputation of your site. If you don’t keep tracking the backlinks your site may get negative impacts from Google.

8. Should I remove links even if my site is not penalized?

It will be better if you monitor your backlinks and have a list of links to be removed even if your site is not penalized because the reconsideration request may takes weeks or longer to get processed.

9. We offer plumbing services and our website has got backlinks from sites marketing water purifiers. Does this back link affect my site?

Yes. This type of links is called irrelevant or unnatural links and will surely affect your website. Google will consider it as negative signal to your website and this type of links may pull down your website ranking.

10. How many links should I remove?

The number of links to be removed is uncertain. Google doesn’t expect you to remove all back links. But if you have acquired back links with the intention to getRobe de bal verte search engine rankings then you will have to remove those links.

11. Can I contact multiple webmasters at a time?

No. Contacting multiple contacts at a time by sending the same emailRobe de Soirée to a number of recipients will be viewed as UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email) or spam. Most people won’t dare to consider SPAMs.

12. What sort of links should be analyzed?

Paid links, links from malicious or irrelevant sites, links from banned network IPs, links from FFA, SPAM and link farms should be removed. Less worthy links from low quality article, directory, book marking and social media sites have to analyzed and removed.

13. How will I identify that my site has a penalty?

If there is a heavy loss of traffic to your website overnight then obviously your site has a penalty. We offer you services to recover from Google penalty.

14. I own a website in French for my restaurant and have backlinks from tourist agency website which is in English. Will this be a credit or negative to my site ranking?

This will give negative signal to your site because links from other language sites are considered as unnatural by Google. So we recommend that you request the link owner for link removal.

15. I lost my rank in search engine because of latest Penguin update. Is there a chance for my website to rank top today?

No. Certainly you cannot rank well in search engine until you do the remedial measures to recover your site. Several SEO companies may guarantee it but really doesn’t work.

16. How can I regain my site rankings and prevent my site from further penalty issues?

Back link auditing is the best process to prevent your site from Google issues. We help you ensure that your website is in compliance with Google guidelines.

17. Why does my site contain bad links?

You might have requested back link services through unethical processes or some webmasters might have used unnatural links from your site to improve search engine rankings in the past. This might be the reason for the negativity of your site.

18. Can I use Disavow tool to remove all unnatural back links to my site?

This is not the best practice because Google is not the only search engine. This tool has just been released and has no effect on other search engines. So manual link removal it is a must.

19. How to withstand Google’s algorithm update?

Backlink monitoring, following Google’s guidelines, making your website search engine friendly and providing quality content helps you to withstand Google’s new search engine update

20. Is link removal through email request a successful procedure?

Link removal through email requests may not get 100% response from the link owners. They may sometimes ask you to pay for them for removing back links to your site. Hence it’s not a successful process yet it is important.

21. Will my site be safe once I have removed all bad links?

No. This is not certain because back links may be generated from other websites at any time or your competitors may get paid bad links to your site which may affect your reputation. Hence once all the bad links are removed you should have proper monitoring and maintenance to get into success.

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