Backlink Removal Process

Bad Backlink Monitoring and Removal Process

Why Backlink removal process and service?

Building a website with only quality backlinks is never that easy. With frequent algorithmic updates it is so complicated that one should certainly not regret to opt for a backlink monitoring service. No matter if you are already penalized by Google penguin algorithm, we will recover your site from manual actions, removing all the spammy backlinks that violates Google guidelines and send reconsideration request.

Steps on How to Recover from Penguin penalty

  • Audit Backlinks
  • Analyze the Link Quality
  • Contact Webmasters for Link Removal
  • Send Google a Disavow Request
  • Reconsideration Success Notification in Webmaster Tools
Audit Backlinks

Step 1: Audit Backlinks

To start with, we require your website’s Google webmaster Tools access. Once you share, we will start the initial process manually by downloading all your backlinks. After downloading we will shortlist them by unique domains.

Analyze the Link Quality

Step 2: Analyze the Link Quality

The next step we would proceed with analyzing the quality of the shortlisted unique domains based on the below criteria,

  • Paid Link
  • Same Network Class C Ip
  • Network directories
  • Article Links
  • Irrelevant Sites
  • Other Language Sites
  • Blog Comments
  • Site wide links
  • Low quality Social bookmarking sites

Step 3: Contact Webmasters for Link Removal

The separated list of the good and bad backlink domains will be noted and the corresponding webmasters of the low quality bad backlinks will be contacted by us.

On behalf of you we would collect the emails of all the corresponding webmasters from their website or from whois and mail then requesting for removing your website URL from their domain. Every message that we send to webmasters will be documented and used for further reference.

As all webmasters do not reply back, we will wait for 15 days for their reply. If incase any webmaster did not reply, we will group those website domains and will go to the next step of disavowing all the bad backlinks as Google has instructed.

Step 4: Send Google a Disavow Request

backlink removal process

We will send Google a reconsideration request in a notepad file from your end to disavow all bad backlinks, with a detailed note. The disavow request will include the already documented messages and the follow-ups of the webmasters that we contacted.

Step 5: Reconsideration Request Notification in Webmaster Tools

It takes 40 -45 days for Google to process the reconsideration request. We will wait and intimate you when the process is complete and successful with Google’s reply in Webmaster tools.

As this is an ongoing process, we would further monitor your backlinks in a periodic basis, if you wish to get rid of the new unnatural links to your site.



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